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while certainly gargantuan, webb’s boar isn’t the biggest on record. fox news reported in 2007 that an 11 year old boy shot and killed a wild boar in alabama that weighed more than 1000 pounds.

there have bracelet pandora been other reports of hunters nabbing boars that weighed more th bracelet pandora an 1000 pounds, although many of the stories have been chalked up to myth.

fyi, not hunters, commenting on the bait and such. ncwrc and state legislators make laws based on controlling populations and maintaing native species. hogs eat basically everything, especially peanuts, beans, corn, et bracelet pandora c., and are extremely prolific. they are practically nocturnal, wary and have a sense of smell that makes them hard to kill. putting out a crop to trap something thats been robbing crops for years seems like an intelligent thing to do. as it’s legal. spending the time and the money and making the effort to stay bracelet pandora out at night, sighiting rifles hanging stands, etc., makes him a sportsman. if he shot it in a 8×8 hog pen i might would agree. congrats again on the trophy of a lifetime!

knowsitall, its not that unique. which is the problem. wild boar / feral hogs have become the 21st century’s « african honey bee » epidemic. they are spreading like crazy. they reproduce with proliferation and can completely destroy a 20 acre planted crop field in one night.

as for baiting, while i understand your feelings that it may seem unsportsmanlike, it is a legal method of harvest that helps keep the population somewhat controlled. also. his age and weight was proof that baiting isn’t this horrible cheating that no hunters may claim. that pig lived a long time with baiting all around him.