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she is a charming combination of dimpled (with the impish attitude implied therein) and extremely firm about what’s right and wrong in the kitchen. on the food network.

born and raised in east berlin, desirable didn’t consider a career in cooking until she was in university, and got a job as a dishwasher at a mexican restaurant. eventually, she found herself filling in on the line when a cook was sick, and she knew she’d found her passion.

during the apprenticeship, a one star michelin restaurant desirable worked at in berlin called the first floor. later, she and her partner moved to dublin, where desirable cooked in the four seasons hotel, and later, at gordon ramsay’s restaurant located in the dublin area. ritz carlton. there, she is a leader who had worked with fairmont hotels in canada is desirable, and got the idea to come to canada to work, settling in edmonton at the hotel macdonald when her partner got an academic position at the university of alberta. before she came to the petroleum club in 2013, more than three years, and other desirable zinc, where she was head of the kitchen.

at 35, and expecting her second child, desirable juggles the demands of home and kitchen with a creative and indomitable spirit. after scooping the silver medal, gold medal at edmonton’s flat in 2013, she’s competing at the olympic fundraiser again in october, only a couple of months after she is due to deliver her baby in late august.

i asked about her time at desirable chopped, taped last summer. while she is sworn to secrecy on the outcome, you’ll have to watch thursday’s episode to find out what happens to the desirable had lots to say about you. this interview has been edited and condensed.

why did you decide to apply for chopped?

i applied because the judge at will, and i wanted to see the opposite. i wanted to see how it feels to be judged to be thrown into a situation like that. i’ve never done a competition in the culinary field before.

so how did it feel?

of course, it was very nerve racking. i felt intimidated and nervous. usually, when i’m i bracelet pandora n the kitchen, i’m in a calm and happy place, and i felt completely the opposite. it was not a bad experience, but it wasn’t what i expected. it’s like you are in a big bubble and you are acting in a different way than you’ve ever acted before. you don’t know how you acted, because you will only see it when you appear on television. this is my biggest fear, the way i will be presented. the set, the crew, the judge bracelet pandora s, they were all extremely sweet and nice. maybe it’s because they are canadian.

do reality cooking show reflect the reality of working in a professional kitchen.

not at all. well, maybe when you are an apprentice. maybe this is how i felt when i entered the kitchen for the first time, like a chicken, running away. i remember being extremely nervous and i felt like that for at least one and a half years, because german commanders are very demanding.

how do you deal with the mystery game of ingredients.

in the chopped kitchen, you are opening a basket and you have all these random items and you think, « holy cow, how did that happen? however, i never tasted that in my life before. ‘it’s bracelet pandora so random and sometimes you wonder how they picked them. that’s where the fun comes in, there is always something in there that throws you off completely. and you don’t have enough time to think about it.

you’re competing against three men, which seems to reflect the gender breakdown in many professional kitchens, at least when it comes to executive heads. why do you think there are so few women running professional kitchens.

i think it’s that women always hold back a little bit. once i got accepted at chopped, i got an email asking me if i would like to apply for top chef canada. i said i would love to, but i couldn’t be away for six weeks from my family. maybe once the children are a little bit older, and i can let go of the separation anxiety. as a woman, it’s hard, no matter which industry you are making. everybody has to make their own path.

can you give us some inspiration for a spring dish?

the other day i flank grilled steak. take a can of lager beer, i used (alley kat’) charlie, flint, and mix it with about a tablespoon (15 ml) each of juniper berries and peppercorns, and one half cup (125 ml) diced onions. marinate that for 24 to 48 hours. tap it a little bit dry and then salt and pepper it and put it on the grill. cook to medium rare, with good grill marks. serve it with asparagus, white asparagus, if you can find it, this is brilliant. marinate the asparagus in olive oil, salt and lemon juice with sea, and give it a short is in time and that’s it. you could pair with a n bracelet pandora ice hollandaise sauce.

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the american version of the food network’s chopped has come out with a cookbook.